Municipal Fire Hose


Dura Cron


Dura-Cron is a 100% synthetic premium quality double jacket construction.  It is available in diameters ranging from 1" to 3" with a service test pressure of 400 PSI.  Dura-Cron is immune to mildew and no drying is required.  When budgets are tight, Dura-Cron delivers a good value.
  • Smooth synthetic rubber liner insures low friction loss
  • Available with Dura-shield treatment (yellow, red, tan, orange, and green) or plain.
  • 100% polyester double jacket is immune to mildew
  • No drying required.
When the forestry industry needed a fire hose with better maneuverability and drag, National engineered a hose to do just that.  A coupled 50 foot length of 1" Blazebuster weighs only 5 lbs.  The single jacketed forestry hose has a low drag coefficient and exceptional cut and abrasion resistance.  It is available weeping or with yellow, tan, or orange Dura-Shield treatment.  Blazebuster is its name, but you will call it "one-of-a-kind".
  • Smooth reverse twill weave provides minimal friction loss.
  • Thermoplastic lined single jacket construction makes hose lightweight and easy to carry, greatly improving manueuverability.
  • Optional Dura-Shield treatment provides longer service life.

Forestry Hose
Forestry Hose

This forestry hose is a cotton and polyester single jacket construction.  Filament polyester offers high heat resistance.   This forestry hose is designed for use with portable pumpers and tank trucks.   For long service life, it is mildew treated with a non-toxic fungicide.
  • Cotton offers better resistance to radiant heat.
  • When hose is purposely wet, it will withstand even higher radiant heat.
  • Clear mildew treatment virtually elimnates harmful effects of weathering and water absorption.
  • Lightweight single jacket rubber lined construction.

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