About Water-Way Company

Just a Few of Our ProductsWater-Way Company has a full line of equipment that will meet all of your fire fighting needs. Our products meet NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) specifications. Our product line includes Elkhart Fire Fighting Equipment, Newton Dump Valves, Drop Tanks, Fire Hoses, Adapters, Dry Hydrants, and many other line items. We want to supply the best fire fighting equipment possible, in order to help your community and the local fire department(s) with their fire fighting needs.

Our product line is not the only component in which Water-Way takes its pride. We can also help with both ISO consulting and dry hydrant designs. Water-Way's dry hydrant design goal is to produce an adequate water supply system that is reliable for the fire fighting industry. The dry hydrant system needs a high volume body of water that is readily accessible by the fire department. Dry hydrants should be strategically located in natural water sources at intervals necessary to supply an adequate water supply year round. This can be accomplished by utilizing water from ponds, creeks, streams and other impounded water supplies. One major step in lowering fire departments’ ISO rate is having an adequate and reliable water supply, provided by dry hydrants.

Water-Way Company is committed to serving your fire fighting needs. For more information, or to request a catalog, please call our toll free number 1-877-806-3899 or send us an email to info@water-way.net

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